6 Badass Women Criminals

Crime pertains in our society in some form or the other. Murderers, serial killers, rapists and alike are all amongst us. It seems like there are so many people ready to go to the most extreme level to satisfy their religious belief or just to keep the business going. Since the earlier times the people have been seeing new people making an entry into the criminal world. But, these criminals are not only men. Don’t be surprised, we know quite a few notorious women gangsters that have taken the crime world by storm.

  1. Shashikala Ramesh Patankar aka Baby – Mumbai

A drug popularly known as meow meow in Mumbai was introduced by this milk vendor Shashikala. She started off with trading marijuana and brown sugar before getting into MD. She owns quite a few properties which includes a Bunglow in Pune, a chawl in Borivali and 4 houses in Siddharth Nagar, Worli. Baby has 22 accounts which were divided among her family members. The police has found details of 5 crore transaction from one of the accounts. Baby has been one of the most dangerous drug mafia in Mumbai. She was arrested in March 2015 when her boyfriend who is also a cop in Mumbai was caught with 112 kg of MD.

2. Phoolan Devi aka Bandit Queen

Phoolan Devi who is also popularly known as Bandit Queen was recognized as the feminist Robin Hood type of figure. After a troubled childhood and child marriage, she escaped into the jungle and met the gang who used to operate it. Phoolan fell in love with the leader of the gang and got married. This did not last long as her lover died in a gun fight and she was gang raped by a rival gang. Phoolan, to seek revenge for her gang rape shot 22 Rajput men in a line. The press portrayed the incident as a righteous lower caste. The title ‘Devi’ was then conferred upon her.

3. Enedina Arellano Felix

We all have heard about Pablo Escobar and his notorious acts, haven’t we? Here is something that is going to catch your interest. Enedina was the first every Mexican drug lord according to the DEA. She was born in the family of drug traffickers called Tijuana Cartel and soon started handling their finances. After the head accountant aka El Chuy passed away, she took up the responsibility and started money laundering. She is best known as Enedina ‘The Financial Brains’ of the Tijuana Cartel.

4. Bonnie Parker

Everyone must have heard of the famous duo Bonnie and Clyde, who became one of the most famous outlaws in the 30’s in America. Bonnie got into the criminal world through Clyde and spread their terror among many states during the great depression. It lasted for almost 2 years. They would rob people off their money and jewelry and if someone denied they would be killed. The gang is responsible for a lot of murders which also include murders of enforcement officials. After a spree of killings they had become so famous that when they were shot the people took locks of their hair as souvenir.

5. Samantha Lewthwaite aka The White Widow

One of the most suspected person during terror attacks. This mastermind was responsible for the bomb attacks in Kenya. She came into the eyes of the people in 2005 when her husband, a suicide bomber in London. Later she was recognized as a part of a Somalia based radical Islamic militant group. She converted to Sunni Islam at the age of 17 after the separation of her parents. She was charged under possession of explosives in Kenya and also accused of bombing non-Muslim worship places. She was a suspect of the bomb blasts at the Jericho bar during the 2012 Euro football match. Lewthwaute’s name is also linked to the Westgate Shopping mall blast in Nairobi. According to a report, she even wants her child to continue her legacy of terrorism.

6. Maria Licciardi

The Italian criminal was also known as La Madrina or The Godmother. She was born in the family of Killers and Camorra members and soon became the leader of the Camorra gang and was the former head of the Licciardi clan. Licciardi introduced many revolutionary changes to the clan. Perhaps the most important among them was the involvement in the prostitution trade. She was involved in the killing of 100 people during a cocaine dispute. She was arrested in 2001.

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