7 Heart Wrenching Movies That Will Make You Cry

Movies have the ability to make you feel in a certain way, it can motivate you or make you scared. Some movies are well known for tearing you up and you will still be hooked to it! If you are in a mood to binge watch some movies tonight, grab a box of tissues and watch these movies which will perfectly bring out the emotions in you!

  1. The Boy In Striped Pajamas

We all know how the Nazi era was and the cruelties faced by Jews for the mere fact that they were Jews. This movie revolves around a small boy named Bruno whose father is the commander in the Nazi army and how he befriends a Jew boy named Shumel in the concentration camp near his house. The story will surely bring tears to your eyes. It is a classic example of friendship and the innocence of the young mind.

  1. The Kite Runner

“For you, a thousand times over”

One of the most touching lines we have heard. An adaptation of Khaled Hossein’s book The Kite Runner, is based on the friends of Amir and Hassan. Amir, encounters grave things that happened to Hassan and is not able to stand up for him. The story has a lot of emotions like love, betrayal, guilt, etc attached to it. You have to watch the movie to know what turns their lives take.

  1. The Notebook

Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, it is about a young couple that fall in love but have to part ways. The story is being narrated by an elderly man who telling the tale to his fellow mate in the nursing home. The twist lies in the end. This movie will make you believe in the power of love and will make your heart sink. If you haven’t already watched the movie, you need to watch it now!


  1. Schindler’s List

Yet another heart wrenching movie from the Nazi era. Co-produced by Steven Spielberg starring Liam Neeson, this movie is based on a true story. A German industrialist who is a member of the Nazi party, gives in his all just to save the Jews from the barbaric German Nazi reign. The movie will give you chills as the whole movie has many brutal instances from the Nazi time.

  1. A Walk to Remember

This love story is about a popular high school boy falls in love with a religious girl who is completely from a different background. Soon Landon discovers that Jamie is dying of Leukemia and helps her fulfill all her wishes including marrying her in the same church as her mother. This movie talks about relations and is a must watch.

  1. P.S. I Love You

Life is unpredictable as we all know but Gerald Butler had seen it coming in the romantic tear jerking movie. Based on a novel again, this book with make your heart sink and wish you had the same kind of a love story. Gerry (Gerald Butler) who suddenly dies of brain tumor had already prepared a lot of loving and motivating letter for his wife.

  1. The Pursuit of Happiness

This movie is based on the life of a famous entrepreneur, Chris Gardener. The journey of him losing all his savings in the product, which did not sell to him losing wife and getting the custody of his son, is one hell of a journey. He struggles as he is homeless and tries to keep his son happy and how his struggle pays off in the end! This is one hell of a roller coaster ride but the father and son love is something to tear you up!



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