7 Weird NYE Traditions From Around The World

We all know New Years Eve is on its way and we are excited, aren’t we? There are so many new resolutions we want to abide by from January 2017 and so many things to do before this year ends. But have you thought, what people around the world do apart from partying on NYE? Take a look:


Russia never fails to surprise us.  Writing down a wish on a piece of paper and burning it and adding it to you champagne. Wait, that not it, and drinking it before the clock strikes 12.01 am. Crazy weird, isn’t it?

Russian NYE Tradition

2. Spain

In Spain, at midnight grab some grapes, to be precise, 12 grapes and you must have it in one go. Are you going to try it this year?

Spain NYE Tradition

3. Argentina

We all want to spend our new year with that someone special. But, Argentina takes this very seriously. On NYE, people wear pink underwear to attract love!

NYE tradition Argentina

4. Chile

If you already run away from all the healthy food your mom try to feed you, here is something for you. People in Chile eat a spoonful of lentils for a year filled with work and money.

Chile NYE tradition

5. Colombia

We all know about Columbia, thanks to Narcos. But they have a weird tradition. People walk around their blocks with empty suitcases for a year filled with travel. Would you do it?

Columbia NYE Tradition

6. Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, people fill pots and pans with water. Once, the clock strikes 12 they throw the water out their front door in order to get rid of all the evil spirits.

Puerto Rico NYE Tradition

7. Turkey

This is something very close to Puerto Rico. People in Turkey throw Pomegranates from the window on NYE. The more they burst shows how good your year is going to be.

Turkey NYE Tradition

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